Types of Securities

This course is designed to give users an in depth working knowledge of investments. This module will explore types of securities, different categories of each type and their characteristics.

In this module you will learn about:

  • Equity Securities. The difference between Common and Preferred stock, ADRS and GDRs, and Rule 144a Issues
  • Fixed Income Securities and interest calculation for U S Treasuries, Government Agencies, Corporate Bonds and Municipal Bonds.
  • Derivatives, including Puts & Calls, Option Positions, Foreign Currency Futures, Interest Rate Futures, Stock Index Futures.
  • Mutual Funds. The difference between Open and Closed End Funds, the calculation of Net Asset Value and the different Types of Funds used to satisfy investor objectives.

Each lesson is interactive and interspersed with questions and exercises designed to reinforce the learning experience and concepts presented. A glossary of terms and a mastery test is also included.

This course has been approved for continuing education credits from the Institute of Certified Bankers(ICB). Certifications

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