Sterling Resource History

Sterling Resources was formed by the merger of Demmer-Fleming Consulting and CES Training Corporation in 1990.

Demmer-Fleming, founded in 1984, specialized in management consulting, merger and acquisition advisory services and market research in the Financial Services Industry. Sterling continues to provide the strategic consulting solutions, leading market research and acquisition and divestiture advisory services in the Trust and Investment Services segment of the Financial Services Industry that Demmer-Fleming pioneered.

CES Training Corporation was founded in 1980 and specialized in providing training and support solutions to clients that were implementing new applications through the use of advanced support tools and techniques to improve productivity and operating efficiencies. CES was ahead of its time and by the late 1980's was already a nationally recognized developer of Computer Based Training (CBT) and Performance Support programs (EPSS). Sterling expanded CES capabilities by developing its award winning e Productivity tool, Coachware.

Over the last fourteen years, Sterling has become a leader in providing eProductivity and strategic consulting soutions, to a wide variety of organizations, government agencies and throughout the financial services industry.

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